Skin Care For Your Baby

In February I welcomed my first daughter into this world. Miss Emilie Winter.
When designing her nursey, I took special care in creating all the little details for her change table. This change table was going to be her first little spa haven, that was made just for her. 
I already knew what products I would be using, as I have been retail them in my Boutique within my Spa and Hair Studio for years. My friends, family and clientele have been using and praising this line for years before Emilie was born.
Anointment Natural Skin Care is a skin care line from New Brunswick. They originated in 2002 in Halifax, from a basement work shop. They have since grown to be the successful company they are today, now operating out of New Brunswick. Their company was born on the principles of using natural products on your skin while also being environmentally friendly. They continue to this day to make each of their products by hand. 
One of the main reasons I came across Anointment years ago was that I was looking for a talc free baby powder for my spa. This is a product we use a lot of during waxing services. Talc has been said to cause certain cancers such as lung cancer when inhaled. As an Organic Spa we researched the best Talc Free, Organic and Canadian baby powder on the market. This is when we found Anointment!  
 Emilie's bath routine begins with their Lavender Body Wash and Bubbles Body Wash & Bubbles - Lavender – Courbet Beauty. This body wash is one of my favorite, as it is scented with lavender. This calming essential oil is not an over powering scent, which is why I feel safe using it on my daughter. I also use this as her shampoo. Lavender is a great essential oil to use before bed as it is very calming. 
Their baby gift set comes with a calendula bar soap and an organic cotton soap scrubbie. The scrubbie is hand sewn using unbleached organic cotton terry and unbleached organic cotton flannel with a printed organic cotton handle. This scrubbie is genius. It fits their bar soaps perfectly inside, with a convenient handle. Just place the bar soap inside, wet the scrubbie and lather up your baby! You wont drop the soap in the bath tub and waste product. Baby Calendula Soap – Courbet Beauty When they are old enough to soap up by themselves, this scrubbie will help them to hold their soap in their hand.
Once out of the bathtub, we head back to her room and onto her change table. There we apply Anointments best selling product, the baby balm diapering salve Baby Balm Diapering Salve – Courbet Beauty. This is a zinc free blend of gentle soothing herbs infused in certified organic olive oil and blended with fragrant Canadian Beeswax. Just a little goes a long way. My husband and I find this product to heal any redness over night. When we are diligent about using this product at every diaper change, Emilie does not get any diaper rash. Remember to not double dip the same finger back inside the pot during diaper changes.
I like to double up with diaper balm and the talc free baby powder Baby Powder – Courbet Beauty. This talc free powder with soothing herbs and moisture absorbing powders is so gentle on Emilie's skin. I find it important to use after baby wipes as her skin is damp from the wipes and even after the bath. I am sure Emilie doesn't like having to wear a diaper with damp skin, so a tiny bit of baby powder helps her feel dry in her diaper. 
Once her diaper is on, I give Emilie a light soothing massage with some baby oil Baby Oil – Courbet Beauty. With Emilie crawling around the house now, I am finding her legs are getting a bit more dry. This could be a reaction to crawling around pant less. I apply the baby oil to her clean dry skin, paying special attention to the dry patches on her legs. By morning they are hydrated and soothed.
If we have spent an afternoon outside on her sled and her cheeks get a bit red and dry from the cold winter, I apply a small amount of Baby Soothing Skin Ointment to her cheeks Baby Soothing Skin Ointment – Courbet Beauty. This calms redness and any dry patches almost immediately. Anointments Signature Balm is great to use on everything. Their go to balm works great with minor scrapes, cuts, burns and itchy skin. This will definitely be going with us on our upcoming summer camping trips.
If you or a loved one is welcoming a baby into this world soon, I highly recommend adding some of these products along with their baby shower gifts. I am sure the mother to be will be excited to learn about a new organic baby skin care line. Baby Care – Courbet Beauty
You can even slip in a few products for the mama to be as well. Check out the mama to be gift set as well! Mama Care – Courbet Beauty