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Skin Care For Your Baby

In February I welcomed my first daughter into this world. Miss Emilie Winter. When designing her nursey, I took special care in creating all the little details for her change table. This change table was going to be her first little spa haven, that was made just for her.  I already knew what products I would be using, as I have been retail them in my Boutique within my Spa and Hair Studio for years. My friends, family and clientele have been using and praising this line for years before Emilie was born.   Anointment Natural Skin Care is a skin care line from New Brunswick. They originated in 2002 in Halifax, from a basement work shop. They have since grown...

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The Perfect DIY Spa Day

This year has brought us many challenges. The far reaching effects of the pandemic include the closures of businesses and services which would normally be just a phone call away. In conversations with clients, I often hear about how spa treatments not only benefited their skin but their mental health as well. Treating yourself to a full body scrub, massage, or even a spray tan can lift your spirits after a rough day or even a bad week. Exfoliating your skin not only rids your body of dead skin cells, it can also make you feel lighter in a spiritual sense. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.  Today, I will walk you through the perfect Spa Day at...

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The All Natural "At Home" Mini Facial

Organic and Vegan Facials are one of my favourite services to do as an Esthetician. Facial services vary greatly and there are growing options that use organic and vegan product. Before you book your next facial make sure you understand what you are getting and what type of products are being used. The European Facial is one of the most common facials in the Spa Industry. Most Spas customize the name of this facial to match their branding, however the steps and techniques are quite similar. This type of facial is great for clients who need a deep cleanse of black heads, while still tending to each person's unique skin care needs. The mini-facial condenses the European Facial by skipping some...

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